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SIM Toolkit Attack

Bogdan Alecu @ DeepSec 2011

Hi all, I must say it was a real pleasure to attend the DeepSec 2011 edition. I’ve met a lot of interesting people and all the talks were great. Since it was my first time I held an international talk with such large audience, I was a little bit excited, but no matter what, I [...]

SIM Toolkit Attack on DeepSec 2011


This is going to be my talk on DeepSec 2011. You may read more about it in an article on the DeepSec blog. There are a lot of good talks so my suggestion for you is to register for the conference and attend the talks. Tweet

Welcome to DeepSec

DeepSec Logo

Unlike other times when I have discovered different bugs in the security of a telephony system, this time I have decided to make it public. So I wrote a research paper, looked for any security conference held this year in Europe and submitted it. Today when I have checked my email, I got one with [...]

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