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Android 4.2 still vulnerable to SIM Toolkit attack

A couple of hours ago the update to Android 4.2 has been made available. One of the new security features is that it also protects from the premium SMS when an app tries to send them. How Android knows about premium messages is that it reads an XML list where each country has it’s own [...]

About SIM card tracker app


Yesterday a tweet got my attention: “sim card tracker found on all orange sim cards. sends location, IMEI to operator, without your knowledge“.  As I am a little bit suspicious about this kind of things, I have asked to define “all” and “without your knowledge”. Immediately came the reply which confirmed my feeling: “the smart card [...]

New GSM vulnerability


I know I haven’t written on my blog for a long time (at least on the English version of it) so here comes an update. I have discovered a new vulnerability in the GSM network and I’m going to present it at EUSecWest which is held in Amsterdam, Netherlands on September 19/20. The presentation title is “Using HTTP [...]

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