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Unlike other times when I have discovered different bugs in the security of a telephony system, this time I have decided to make it public. So I wrote a research paper, looked for any security conference held this year in Europe and submitted it. Today when I have checked my email, I got one with [...]

Small research about POS terminals

mobile security creditcard pos

I have recently made a research among top 7 banks regarding the POS terminal security. I’ve sent each bank two questions: 1. Regarding the wireless POS devices – that use a GPRS / EDGE connection – is there any security involved in sending data (is a secure data transfer between the device and bank)? If [...]

GPRS is broken

Blackberry with edge

Researcher Karsten Nohl has recently presented at Chaos Communication Camp 2011 a way of intercepting GPRS traffic. What that means is that now you can read the traffic that your neighbor is doing on his phone, at least if he uses GPRS/EDGE.           Along with Luca Melette, Karsten was able to [...]

About privacy and data protection (II)

Confidential CNP

As stated in my previous post, there are other legal ways you can find some special private data about someone else. 1. You call yourself “Carrefour“, you put up a marketing campaign and ask your customers to fill in a form where one of the fields is the Numerical Personal Code. Of course, you are [...]

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