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Unlike other times when I have discovered different bugs in the security of a telephony system, this time I have decided to make it public. So I wrote a research paper, looked for any security conference held this year in Europe and submitted it.

Today when I have checked my email, I got one with the following subject: Your Talk Has Been Accepted for DeepSec 2011.  I was (and still am) really happy to have such great news. I really can’t wait to go there and get the public reaction. You may see the preliminary schedule here and details about the talks here.

Of course, it wasn’t easy – it involved a lot of work and learning, but the most important secret is fun. The fun you have when you do something that you like, the fun you have when everyone else tells you that “this is not possible, you won’t get anywhere if you try it that way” but still you do it and find something wrong in the way that thing was built, the fun you have when you put passion.

I need to say a big THANK YOU to Tobias Engel from Chaos Computer Club who has pushed me into learning more about GSM security and gave me some tips&tricks about, along with encouraging me to write a research paper.

Tobias Engel at CCC 2008

I won’t disclose yet what I’m going to present at DeepSec (though people who know me will find out easy), but it is tight to what Tobias discovered regarding the Curse of Silence

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  1. Valentin says:

    Congrats for being a speaker at DeepSec.

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