New GSM vulnerability


I know I haven’t written on my blog for a long time (at least on the English version of it) so here comes an update. I have discovered a new vulnerability in the GSM network and I’m going to present it at EUSecWest which is held in Amsterdam, Netherlands on September 19/20. The presentation title is “Using HTTP [...]

How to protect from SIM Toolkit attack

SIM Toolkit

After all the media coverage of the subject (quite impressive) a lot of talks started, specially on Niebezpiecznik site from Poland, about how to protect from such attacks. Here are some good ideas: 1. On phones with Android you should remove the STK.apk application – right, but what if your phone is not rooted? Also [...]

SIM Toolkit Attack

Bogdan Alecu @ DeepSec 2011

Hi all, I must say it was a real pleasure to attend the DeepSec 2011 edition. I’ve met a lot of interesting people and all the talks were great. Since it was my first time I held an international talk with such large audience, I was a little bit excited, but no matter what, I [...]

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